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Meat & Veg Box - Large


Get a head start on your health goals with our Large Meat & Veg Box. Packed with chunky veggies, lean meats, and plenty of protein to help you and your family lean into wellness this year.


What's Inside:


• Beef Steak Diced 600g
• Beef Steak Mince 600g
• Broccoli x1
• Button Mushrooms 250g
• Carrots 1kg
• Cauliflower x1
• Chicken Fillet 800g
• Cumberland Sausages 700g
• Green Beans 150g
• Large Potatoes 2kg
• Leeks 500g
• Midi Potatoes 500g
• Parsnips 400g
• Pork Steak Loin 600g
• Savoy Cabbage x1
• Tenderstem  Broccoli Pre-Pack x1
• White Onions 700g
• Whole Chicken x1