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''A fantastic selection of Winter flowering plants and shrubs''
''They had a huge range of bulbs, seeds and plants in stock. At great prices too''
'' The garden centre has very good and healthy plants. Worth a visit''
''The garden centre and gift shop are stunning and excellent value which is unusual for Harrogate''
''Nicely laid out and well stocked garden centre, something for everyone''
''A fantastic Weber showroom with really helpful staff''

Plants At Crimple

Trading since 2013, our garden centre is renowned in the area for its superb collection of high quality plants, shrubs and flowers. Whether you are an experienced gardener or simply a novice who is looking to add a little more colour and interest to your garden, a visit to our extensive plant department is a must.

We have been providing expert gardening advice and horticultural hints and tips for gardeners of all ages, so call in and ask one of our helpful team for any ideas or advice you may need.

Claire's Top Tips for February and March 2023

The nights are starting to shorten,
and the mornings are slowly getting lighter so it’s time to plan your garden
for the coming season…..

Buy your seed potatoes, either earlies or maincrops which are great for boiled, mashed,
chipped or baked and are a staple ingredient of many meals.  We have 32+
different varieties for you to choose from here at Crimple and now is the time
to get them chitted and in the ground.

Garlic and onions, members of the allium family these are a fabulous accompaniment to a lot
of our favourite dishes.  We have some lovely varieties in the centre
ready for you all to get planting at this time of year.

Spring/Summer Flowering Bulbs, In the garden centre we have bulbs “in the green” which simply means
already potted up and showing their green shoots, crocus, narcissi, iris all
waiting for you to plant in your borders and containers.  We also have a
fabulous collection of Dahlia and Lillies, both
fantastic summer border flowers, and work well in cut flower arrangements.
Plant the bulbs any time from autumn to spring in a sunny spot, in rich,
well-drained soil, around 15-20cm deep. If you have heavy, wet soil, it's best
to plant them in pots, to plant out later.

Rhododendrons and Camellias are beautiful
evergreen shrubs producing fabulous displays of flowers during late winter and
early spring, now is the time to plant them into pots of ericaceous compost, as
they both love acid soil, and await the white, pink or red flowers to brighten
up your awakening garden.

Myself, I am just preparing my raised vegetable
bed area with weed suppressant and a covering of landscape bark, sowing sweet
peas, tidying up my herbaceous beds and getting rid of those dreaded weeds
before they take hold and drop more seed!!!

Look forward to seeing you at Crimple where we
are happy to help, with tips and advice from our gardening team…..happy planting!!!!