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Food Hall At Crimple

Crimple Food Hall

Crimple is the ultimate destination for foodies looking for quality produce. The new food hall, features over 50 specialist producers, many of them local. From fresh fruit and vegetables to curry sauces, coffee beans and cheeses to speciality gins, vodka and beers our team work consistently to source new and interesting suppliers.

Customers can also shop our very own deli, bakery & patisserie or choose from in-house produced pizzas and ready meals. There’s so much more to explore including a sustainable grain store, vintage milk float with refillable bottles, juice bar, coffee-to-go and a horticulture shop.

Meet Some Of Our Local Suppliers

Saffron Tree

Our next door neighbours Saffron Tree, were an obvious choice for us here at Crimple. Founded by Monalisa who, after having eye surgery, identified a gap in the market for authentic Indian, pre-prepared chilled meals. Saffron Tree’s authentic range is based on a collection of classic dishes passed down from Monalisa’s family and friends. Her meals pay homage to those special people and to Hyderabad, a city that is close to her heart and heritage.

Benji's Bites

Benji’s Bites was launched by Hanna Dilley, a Yorkshire mum of two small boys, at the start of the first lockdown. Benji’s Bites Toddler Food exists to help busy mums and dads give their little ones quick, tasty and wholesome meals which can be easily adapted to suit their children’s tastes and appetites. Their unique “Quick’n’Mix” frozen cubes deliver choice, nutrition and flexibility, making mealtimes fun for kids and fast for parents.

Proper Nutty

Founded by Stuart & Kathryn Franklin and based in Dewsbury Yorkshire, Proper Nutty aims to provide peanut butter with no nasties. It’s made by slowly roasting peanuts in small batches and then carefully grinding them until they naturally attain their unique Proper Nutty smunchy texture. ‘’We’re small enough to give our expert hands-on care to every aspect of production, and we’re big enough to supply shops all around the country and beyond. One could say we make little jars of wholesome goodness with a big heart!’’

The Yorkshire Pasta Company

Based just around the corner in Malton, When it comes to pasta, these guys are as passionate as you can get! ‘’After taking a leap of faith to pursue our dreams, we began building our business in the summer of 2019, with an ambition to develop, produce and sell premium quality YORKSHIRE PASTA. Having spent many hours studying the high quality pasta producers of Italy we have learnt, practised and refined traditional methods, combining these techniques with our locally milled wheat flour to ensure that we create the most superb YORKSHIRE PASTA every time’’

Dark Woods Coffee

We’re proud to sell and stock Dark Woods Coffee across the Crimple site. Based in a small village called Marsden in the West Yorkshire Pennines, they roast their coffee by hand on a 1950’s drum roaster next to the Huddersfield canal. ‘’Though Dark Woods was born in 2013, the history of its founding partners takes in many years' experience in roasting, sourcing, consultancy, training and machine development within the UK coffee industry. It is this collective knowledge and expertise that has allowed us to rapidly establish a growing customer base that includes some of the country's top cafés and restaurants’’.

Food Hall Opening Times

Mon-Sat 8am-7pm / Sunday 10am-4pm