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Calling all yogis, did you know you can now do yoga at Crimple every Tuesday? 

Open to all levels, this Vinyasa Flow class is a dynamic practice linking breath to movement. A great way to start your Tuesday as this re-energising class focusses on strength and flexibility, leaving you feeling both relaxed and invigorated.
Every Tuesday 10am-11am
£10.00 Per class
Book using the link below:

Wednesday 2nd November 7pm- 8pm

Come and join Nadia for a soothing evening yoga practice, designed to calm the nervous system and shift our minds and bodies into a relaxed state. This is a de-stressing practice that will combine Yin yoga, breath work and meditation to help you reach a blissful state of calm, and stay nice and cosy for the colder months. All levels welcome!

Throughout lockdown I taught this class online and so I’m very pleased to be offering it in person

Book using the link below:
We wanted to find out a little bit more about Nadia and her passion for the practice.
What inspired you to become a yoga instructor?
''Coming from a dance background I have always loved moving but I actually became a yoga teacher after I realised how powerful yoga was for me in managing stress and anxiety. It helped me so much and really inspired me to teach so I can share the practice with others. I find yoga helps my mind and my body equally and I feel the benefits in so many aspects of my life for example improving my sleep, mood and mindset as well as the physical benefits of feeling more flexible and easing tension in my body.''
What's the best thing about living in Harrogate?
''For me, it's the beautiful green spaces and living near family. Coming from London I really love the community feel that Harrogate has and how friendly everyone is. Having Crimple on my doorstep is also a major highlight!''
What does self-care look like for you?
''Self care for me is time to be able to practice some yoga, eating delicious food and travelling. I am the happiest when I’m around friends and family in the sunshine, doing some yoga by the pool and then eating a feast as the sun goes down with a glass of rose- heaven!''
What's your favourite summer recipe?
''My favourite summer recipe is an indulgent salad. Feta with sweet potato, or a tricolore salad is my fave. Anything with cheese and I’m happy! I love to make these salads when I run my yoga retreats and my yogis love them! I'm always looking for salad inspiration. ''